Luck along my way….

I was standing in the midst of a Vietnamese rice field after a long day walk. Looking down to the ground I saw an area where only four-leaved clover grew. I could hardly believe what I had discovered.

This moment seemed metaphoric to me. Luck is about the tiny things, which happen to us unexpectedly. Realizing them is key and can leave us with a memorable moment for a long time. However we have to keep our eyes, mind and heart open to be able to see the beauty around us, to be aware of the luck we come across – not only when we travel…

The chance to find a four-leaved clover between all the three-leaved ones is one in 10.000. Very rare you might think. But I guess most people have found a four-leaved clover in their lives. That’s because there are so many of them in most parts of the world. There are so many options to find luck every day.

We should be cautious though to not try to increase luck. I guess this guy, Shigeo Obara, who found a 56-leaved clover in 2009 in Japan, was not much happier than I. Compared to the chances of finding this he could impossibly be proportionally more happy than I was.

According to legend the first leave represents faith, the second hope, the third leave stands for love and the fourth for luck.
Does that mean that there is more faith, hope and love in this world than luck?
What would the 52 other leaves bring to the finder?

Maybe Shigeo can tell…

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