Masterpiece of eggs in Venice

San Fantin, the church opposite the La Fenice opera house in  Venice was closed for years and only opened for this immense piece of art during the Venice Biennial in 2011.

In fact it is only a small part of Oksana Mas’ artwork of 92 x 134 meters.The Ukraine artist, built this masterpiece of 3,5 million „krashenki“, traditional wooden Ukraine Easter eggs.

They were painted by prisoners, artists, farmers and students from 42 different countries. From a distance you can see Jan van Eycks Genter Altar, if you step closer you realize that each egg is painted individually.

Looking at “Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance”, as this artwork is called, I was amazed how different each individual egg looked, compared to the picture itself from a distance. It reminded me of my own life, where everyday a new colourful egg is added. Right now I might only look at each single egg. Each moment, each challenge, each unsolved thought.

Looking backwards, like my grandma who turns 99 tomorrow, can understand much better, what all these different eggs brought to our live and how they all fit together to a big masterpiece in the end. Every single individual moment, challenge and decision form our individual lives.

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