Playful summer evenings

There are these summer evenings, which remind me of those very special summer vacation evenings, when I was a child. Those, when we were allowed to play outside until the sun set. I simply loved those evenings and thinking back to these times, I can still feel the excitement and freedom I felt then, the warm wind on my skin and the power in my body, which made me feel as if I could just keep on playing and running forever.

When I saw the kids on the above picture in Iquitos, Peru, playing at sunset, it put me exactly back to these times when I was young. This endless energy to run and play around, is something I only felt as a child. I rather kept on running than going to bed. Today I really appreciate going to bed and after a certain time of exercise I am really looking forward to relax. I wonder were all this childlike energy has gone, who has taken it away and how to get it back.

Maybe the energy has changed and we can get a different kind of very healthy energy by just consciously enjoying these powerful summer evenings.

4 thoughts on “Playful summer evenings

  1. And I still love those summer evenings when the light is fading and everything becomes more quiet and less flashy. I enjoy these evenings different than in my childhood – less running :-) – but I would say more consciously.

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