Romance stops with the appearance of truth…

I feel there is no better food, than the Vietnamese cuisine. The many different tastes a single Pho (typical Vietnamese soup) has, is overwhelming. You have to try it. The food is fresh, simple and very tasty.

Even Anthony Bourdain, one of the best chefs on earth (at least one of the funniest), says “a good bowl of Pho would always makes me happy”.

One morning though, when we came back to town from a three day trip, we passed by this guy. OMG! It took a while, until I realized, what he carried on his motorbike. I was begging to be wrong, but my eyes did not fool me. Indeed, he had five dead pigs on his bike. Damn, that’s where the romance about the pure Vietnamese food ended.

Back home in Germany though, I thought the situation is far worse. Pigs might not be packed on a bike to get a ride to the market, but their life until then is far worse.

To us – usually sausage and pig do not really feel related to each other. Apart from my veggi-friends (please forgive me posting this photo), very few people grasp where their everyday food is coming from. What is the story behind it?

It is not about being a vegetarian or not. I love meat, but I think it is worth ensuring, it comes from a farm instead of a mass production. Same story with vegetables and many other things.

Considering that, last night’s pain – due to a 48 EUR payment at the organic store for a half empty basket – dissolves.  Standing at the cashier, I told myself to never go there again. But now I feel much better about the quality purchase and the good food inside my fridge…

Well worth watching if you have not seen it yet:

  • We feed the world, an amazing yet shocking Austrian documentary from Erwin Wagenhover (LINK)
  • Jamie Oliver – Food Revolution and the pink slime (LINK)

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