Golden Gate Bridge – Goose Bumps Experience

Golden Gate Bridge

There are these big world-known monuments we have seen on postcards, magazines and TV many, many times. Golden Gate Bridge for sure is one of them. So when I went to San Francisco, I was so excited to see it “live”.

This picture captures the first time I saw Golden Gate Bridge and I can still feel the goose bumps I had all over my skin. It was a quiet moment as the sun set and it felt as if the sea gull and I shared this very special moment, looking at a far.

The Golden Gate Bridge is named after the straits of waterway known as the Golden Gate. There are different opinions on whether the pathway was named Golden Gate due to the Golf Rush in California or the Greek word for harbor in Istanbul, Turkey.

The “red” color of the bridge is the famous international orange, used as a sealant for the bridge. Initially it was meant to be colored grey afterwards, but because it fit perfectly to the landscape and people liked it a lot, it stayed that way.

2 thoughts on “Golden Gate Bridge – Goose Bumps Experience

  1. See, I have traveled a lot of countries, but did not see much of the US yet. I am very much looking forward to explore some of the amazing country side and the enormous national parks. San Francisco really is a very special and diverse place, with growing contrasts. I am happy I could remind you of you trip to SF with this picture – and you know what? – there will be more about SF in the upcoming posts ;-). So maybe with these posts I can bring back some other nice memories of your trip. Best wishes to you Bob!

  2. I am not as prolific a world traveler as you but I have been to 5-6 countries and all over the USA. During my vacation to 5 national parks in our Southwest I had an opportunity to visit San Francisco. It was the departure site for the bus tour I was taking. I planned my trip to allow time to see a bit of San Francisco before my departure date. While on an abbreviated bus tour we stopped at the Golden Gate Bridge and my tour guide took a few quick snapshots of me in the frame with the bridge in the background. Those shots, added to the ones I took myself, will always be a reminder at how magnificent that landmark really is. Thanks for sharing your memories of your experience of this great city. – Bob

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