Port of Hamburg – 24/7 discovery

Hamburg Harbour

Overlooking the Port of Hamburg at night, has always been a treat to me. It’s as if I had thrown a coin in a miniature toy machine where all of a sudden everything starts to move. The closer you look at it, the more things you will discover. A huge restless area, following it’s own rules and rhythm – hypnotizing anyone looking at it.

Watching the sun set from one of the beach bars across the river, as the sun colors the sky and then the lights color the port mirrored in the river Elbe is simply precious.

The Port of Hamburg is the third biggest port in Europe (after Antwerp and Rotterdam) and the ninth biggest in the world with 10.000 ships steering in per year. With a turnover of 139 Million goods in 2013 it is connecting 950 harbors in 178 countries, providing work for 156 000 people. The 7200 hectare of the harbor include 140 km of street, 304 km of railway tracks, 130 bridges and 12 km of beach along the river. It’s Europe’s biggest port of importation for coffee, the world’s biggest trading and storing center for rugs and amongst the world’s leading trans-shipment centers for tea, cacao, coffee and spices. Founded on 7 May 1189 for its strategic location, it’s almost as old as Hamburg itself.


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